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What is SOLAR F/X?

Today’s fast paced life calls for quick but efficient solutions to our daily needs. Solar F/X was created specifically for men with both this and their unique skin care needs in mind. The line’s current products and those in development reflect a commitment to the use of quality ingredients with an emphasis on skin nurturing and defense. The SolarF/X philosophy is to make the skin care process simple with practical use formulas. The best sun screen is the one you use everyday.

Solar F/X Gel Face Prep is four products in one. It lubricates the beard for a perfect shave, cleanses with a penetrating, non-drying lather, exfoliates to remove dull and lifeless skin, and conditions with 6 botanicals that leave the skin feeling comfortable and refreshed. The Gel Face Prep is gentle enough for everyday use, or as needed.

Solar F/X Saving Face balm is formulated with the properties and good feel of a luxurious after shave balm. This product provides anti-aging skin protection, moisturizing and nurturing in one easy, convenient step. The Saving Face balm is designed to be used in a daily regimen, without adding an extra step, to achieve meaningful, long term protection from the aging effects of the sun. In addition to the desirable after shave properties it provides, it contains broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA and UVB protection and anti-oxidants A, C and E. Seven botanical extracts provide moisturizing, soothing, antiseptic, anti-irritant, healing, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. The Saving Face balm leaves the skin with a velvety soft feel and has a light, non-lingering natural scent.

Solar F/X Sport is a refreshing, ultra-light, quick drying Sun Protective Spray designed for the dry land sport enthusiast who wants the best protection with the most comfortable feel.

Solar F/X is a registered trademark of International Cosmeceuticals, Inc., Dallas, Texas