"The story of Solar F/X began several years ago when I nicked a small mole while shaving."

This continued over a period of weeks, and it never completely healed. Upon examination by a dermatologist, it was found to be cancerous, and it had to be surgically removed. The dermatologist asked me if I used a sunscreen everyday. I told him that I used sunscreens when I went to the beach, went swimming or skiing, but not on a daily basis. To help prevent a reoccurrence, my dermatologist recommended daily use of sunscreen, especially since I have fair skin and had developed skin cancer.

Almost immediately it became evident that I wasn’t going to be faithful to a daily regimen because I was unable to find any sunscreen product that felt comfortable or that was convenient enough for everyday use, despite all the claims of being oil-free and non-greasy. I knew I wouldn’t use such a sunscreen daily.

Just as I was about to give up, I noticed that most products my wife used daily had sunscreen built in, conveniently combining two steps into one. On a daily basis, the only product I use on my face is an after shave lotion. It occurred to me that an ideal solution would be a product that combined the desirable properties of an astringent after-shave with ingredients that provide protection from the harmful effects of the sun.

After a lengthy search, I became convinced that such a product did not exist. I decided to investigate and see if it was feasible to make such a product. After several years of research and collaboration with a cosmetic chemist, I successfully created a product that meets my specifications. A light, soothing, protective, balm, which fits easily into a daily routine. One that combines a sun protection factor with anti-oxidants and vitamins, that refreshes and defends the skin in one easy step."


Stephen Hess
Owner/developer of Solar F/X





"The best sunscreen is the one you use everyday"

Stephen Hess